About Us


Pure Cybersecurity is a  meetup community and blog run by InfoSec Enthusiast who are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge.

About Us:

Welcome to Pure Cybersecurity a Gulf Coast Information Security community. We are composed of researches, professionals, students, and enthusiasts in the Information/Cybersecurity realm. The purpose of this meetup is to bring members of all IT-related fields together for a monthly meeting where interesting topics in information security can be discussed. Our members are primarily located in Mobile, AL but we also have enthusiasts located across the Gulf Coast from Gulfport, MS to Pensacola, FL.


The Pure Cybersecurity Team!

Drake Aka. Portslug

Drake is a InfoSec enthusiast who is currently employed as a Security Analyst for a MSSP and works on a blue team as a  proactive “Hunter”.  He considers himself a “Purple Teamer” as he continues to practice and improve his offensive capabilities in his free time. Previously, he worked as a Security Engineer for the Navy in a large scale Data Operations Center.  He is the founder of Pure Cybersecurity an he focuses on Information Security  and growing the community.  Drake holds numerous technical security  certifications/qualifications.

Email: drake@purecybersecurity.com

Nate Aka. Wolfe409

Nate has over 11 years of experience covering many facets of Information Technology and Security.  Nate has acquired a number of IT and INFOSEC certifications over the years. Nate’s experience and expertise ranges from System Administration to Network Engineering with a background in numerous technical domains.  He is also the assistant organizer for the Pure cybersecurity meetup in the local area. Nate also loves to play with exotic tigers and dangerous animals in his free time.

Email: nate@purecybersecurity.com